Reasons to use turmeric with ginger-a powerful pain-relieving duo

Turmeric and ginger both are tubers or rhizomes which are used throughout the world for their culinary as well as herbal benefits. These two tubers are the most widely researched components in herbal medicine. The two have known benefits in treating several mild to acute diseases. In herbal medicines, both ingredients are used for alleviating pain. Several scientific studies have also helped to determine the working of these two roots. The results of these studies have confirmed that certain active ingredients relieve chronic pains and inflammation such as arthritis or even gastric problems as well as surgical pains. This article is going to entail the benefits of using the powerful duo of turmeric with ginger to fight sickness and pain whose supplement you can purchase from, so, subscribe and get 20% off TODAY.

About Ginger and Turmeric

Turmeric and ginger are flowering plants which are specifically used as natural medicines. Ginger constitutes phenolic compounds such as gingerol which has potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Likewise, turmeric is a widely used spice in Indian foods. It has an active chemical component, curcumin which aids in preventing and treating chronic conditions. That’s why we call it the golden child of spices. Both the tubers are consumed ground, dried or fresh. The combination of two ingredients can be taken in the form of supplements from a reliable manufacturer. However, consult your physician to take fixed and regular doses.  

Properties which help in relieving pain 

Chronic inflammation can lead to developing diabetes, cancer and heart diseases. Both ginger and turmeric have an inflammatory character that helps in relieving pain while protecting against diseases. Ginger is also helpful in curing migraine headaches in almost an hour. Research has proved that eating ginger regularly can rat different bones pains such as osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Not only this, but the duo can also help to control the negative effects of painkillers. High-dose and long term use of NSAIDs and aspirin have been studied to have a damaging effect on the stomach and cause gastrointestinal disorders, ulcers and lesions. The active ingredient in ginger help relieving damaged the internal lining of the stomach. These properties have made ginger and turmeric effective in retaining joint health. 

Best anti-inflammatory ingredients 

Both ginger and turmeric have impressive anti-inflammatory properties individually. The pungent flavour of ginger is due to gingerol with giving its protective character. It improves the inflammatory conditions in common colds. Likewise, curcumin in turmeric has anti-inflammation properties which are used for making medicinal drugs. 1 gram of turmeric and ginger supplement can help reducing inflammations and to decrease the nitric oxide accumulation. Clinical studies determined that anti-inflammatory action of turmeric improves rheumatoid arthritis as well as stomach ulcers, Irritable bowel syndrome, Ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease. Studies show that taking about 2 grams of ginger-turmeric supplement help significantly if reliving muscular a pin.

A study on the combined effect of turmeric and ginger was studied and the results showed that anti-inflammatory properties were ten folds and helped to cure the complications and severity of arthritis. 

Support immune-boosting

As soon as the first sign of sickness appears, people tale turmeric and ginger to increase immunity and reduce the symptoms of flu or cold. The anti-viral properties of ginger and turmeric help to reduce the effect of influenza A virus. The duo is also effective to treat mild symptoms of the novel virus, Covid-19 because they decrease the inflammation levels and improve immunity to fight against the virus. It is important to note that too high a dose may cause some side effects and problems of ingestion. Also, brewing some ginger-turmeric tea will be worth it to treat seasonal influenza. 

Rich in anti-oxidants

Both are excellent protective elements. Ginger has antioxidants which help to prevent cancer and heart diseases when compared with turmeric. However, turmeric is richer in antioxidants than ginger. Therefore, turmeric with ginger is regarded as the richest antioxidant among all other spices. The antioxidant properties are exhibited by the functional groups present in both. The dried forms have a high content of phenolic curcuminoids and pungent phenolics like shagaol and gingerol. These functional groups make up the antioxidant profile of the two roots and help to treat different ailments. 

Heart health

While protecting the bones and muscles, these two roots also help to keep the heart-healthy. Hypertension may be due to vessel blockage or plaque. This condition increases pressure on the heart as it pumps blood and thus increases blood pressure. Ginger alone can improve blood circulation whereas turmeric lowers the blood pressure by reducing inflammation. Studies have also revealed that turmeric with ginger helps reduce the level of cholesterol in the gut which may otherwise lead to coronary heart diseases. Regular consumption of supplements that provide combined effect may help to maintain a healthy heart. 

Supplements are an option

First of all, consult your physician about the dose and type and then manage accordingly. Different pharmaceutical and herbal companies offer their products. A reliable source ensures good quality and maximum benefit of the product. 

Take Away!

Several studies have shown that consuming turmeric with ginger impact powerfully on the immune function, inflammation, pain, and bones related issues. Lack of evidence is due to the fact that research is limited to labs only. However, all studies agreed on the fact that a combination of both ingredients will prove to be a healthy addition to be consumed in a balanced diet with limited or no adverse side effects. 

Ginger and turmeric offer several benefits when consumed together. They are tasty alone and also give yummy pairing in culinary. Their synergistic health benefits are inevitable. From relieving pain to boosting immunity, there are several reasons to add the supplements of turmeric and ginger in your diet. So, Subscribe and get 20% off TODAY @ 

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